Why Choose Us

We are locally owned and Operated Solar Panels, Battery Storage and Inverters CEC Approved Installers.
powergen electrical
PowerGen Electrical is an Australian owned and operated company that specializes in grid-connected solar electricity and battery storage solutions for residential and commercial customers.

As specialists in the field of solar and battery storage solutions, we have a unique understanding that electricity is one of the highest outgoings for households in Australia, with several Australian states making the top global 10 list for the highest cost of electricity. We are committed to providing innovative and cutting edge solar and storage solutions to all Australian households to provide greater control and flexibility over how they use and store their power.

Why PowerGen Electrical?

We work to educate and empower our customers, whether they be residential or commercial clients, on alternative methods of energy and how best to achieve independence from the grid. We enable Australian households and new developments to produce, store and harness their own power by giving them the tools to act as a self-sufficient mini power station and support them in reducing the cost of their electricity bills as well as positively impact the environment. Our team of engineers work to assess the needs of each prospective solar or battery owner and devise a bespoke solution for each customer. We supply and install high-Quality Solar Photovoltaic high-efficiency solar modules, that is why the biggest benefit that PowerGen Electrical offers you is “Complete Peace of Mind”.

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